Modern crisis exit solutions

IMMEDIATE SUPPORT (P.C.)  established for providing emergency support and crisis services by combining our nutrition network with crisis management experts, providing the immediate solutions and knowledge needed to effectively work and manage problematic and potentially hostile areas internationally. Our products and services include:


Emergency Ready Meals (MRE’s): We provide emergency nutrition packages for feeding large groups of people in unstable and developing crises. We can provide custom options and menus to suit all situations and cultural / religious nutritional requirements. We are able to provide up to 40.000.000 meals/month.

All army / land-sea-air corps.
Refugee Hotspot
Hotels All inclusive
Hospitals etc.
Hellenic Ancient Nutrition:
Supply, Greek ancient and traditional food products, in bulk or individual packages, with our  or YOUR private label (P.L.)
Drinks: We offer  soft drinks  &  beverages.
Textiles: Production of military clothing as well as political fashion for the everyday fashionable clothing of citizens.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies: We work closely with pharmaceutical companies from Greece and Cyprus that allow our customers to procure European Union medicines and medical equipment directly from factories at the best available prices.

Parapharmaceutical emergency products: Gloves, Antiseptics,  Masks, etc.

Survival equipments: Through our network and partnerships we have the ability to supply you with a wide range of equipment such as protection items, survival items, electronic means, clothing, tools, at the best market prices.

Building materials of all kind for construction companies.  (Steel and aluminum materials)

Permanent or temporary design facilities for large populations resulting from refugee or civil crisis, or emergency geological, environmental, war or weather disasters.

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